The size, complexity, and specific goals and needs of your project, are a few of the factors, which must be considered when establishing the fee amount and payment schedule. There are a few different ways that MCT may charge for our services, they are:

  • Hourly - which may prove cost effective for some projects
  • Stipulated Sum - as proposed by MCT
  • Stipulated Sum per unit - for example, unit cost by square metre, number of rooms, etc.
  • Percentage of Construction Costs
  • Combination of the above

You should discuss your concerns and needs about your project as it relates to fees with us

Existing conditions, building technologies, age and location of the structure, maintenance (or lack of), and the level of competence of the original builder are all factors that will affect every remodelling project and in turn, affect the cost and the amount of time necessary to properly address the needs of your project.

There is no fail-safe way for us to be able to forecast the existing conditions of your particular project. Without disassembling otherwise serviceable portions of a building, or access to accurate plans of an existing structure, we can only make reasonable assumptions regarding existing conditions based on our experience and training. We do not have x-ray vision, and can not see into walls (or underground) in anticipation of necessary work.

The price for an architectural service is given only after our surveyor has had a chance to see some of the issues involved IN PERSON (i.e. visited the site), and after discussing with you, your project's goals and needs.