What is SAP?

  • The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the Government's approved procedure for calculating an energy rating.

  • lt is a basic energy rating which assumes average factors for shelter, shade and orientation and considers the space and water heating only.

  • The SAP scale currently runs from 1 (extremely poor) to 120 (extremely good), with a score of 80 or more considered to represent an energy efficient home.

  • The average UK home (i.e. not brand new) has a SAP rating of 40-50. Most new homes achieve ratings of 80 or above, and there are many that reach top scores of 100-120.

  • In 1995, Building Regulations changed to require a SAP rating on every new home and from 2001 builders had to post a notice in every finished dwelling stating its rating.

  • In June 2007 Home Information Packs (HIP) will be a compulsory requirement for all homes sold in the UK. The SAP rating will form part of the HIP.

For more information follow the link to Homespec. 

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